Eating Well At Work

Are you one of the 7 out of 10 people in America who eat at their desks? We are! Not always, but sometimes desking and dining just can’t be avoided. So when deadlines conflict with a nice lunch out, let’s do the best we can to make desk dining as healthy and delicious as possible! There are two key things to keep your health in mind when you desk and dine.

How We Eat
Surprisingly, how we eat is actually more important than what we eat. When we are stressed, annoyed, angry or frustrated, your fight-or-flight response takes over and your sympathetic nervous system shuts down digestion. Have you ever had a meal sit like a brick in your stomach? That’s pretty much what happens, because you’re literally not able to digest unless your parasympathetic nervous system is activated. In other words, you have to relax. Easier said than done at work, right? Not entirely. All you need to do is take a minute or two before you eat and take five deep breaths. Deep, like into your belly. The body will have no choice but to switch off the stress system, and switch on the relaxation system. Voila!

What We Eat
Okay, now that you’re relaxed, what do you eat? Bringing food from home is often a healthier choice, as you get to control the quality and type of food. Dinner leftovers are a great choice – as is a sprouted wrap.

You can also keep a stash of high quality foods or juices in your desk or your office frig, like almond butter, flax crackers, dried fruits, trail mix, fresh fruits, organic string cheese, high-quality food bars, hard boiled eggs, organic free-range turkey slices, sprouted wraps, and pre-cut veggies.

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