Join us for Charlotte's premiere health and eco-conscious event!

The Fresh Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness, educating and inspiring every man, woman and child about healthy living and building thriving, sustainable communities.  For some it can be a challenge to clearly understand what healthy and sustainable living really means and how to integrate it into daily activities or even where to start.   We pursue our mission by providing interactive educational presentations, programs and events to communities via groups, organizations, businesses and schools.  We believe in collaborating with schools and the community to provide easy-to-understand tips, resources and tools for staying healthy and living green while respecting our bodies and the environment.  
Turning knowledge into tangible actions and improving our quality of life by promoting healthy and sustainable living, one community at a time.  We appreciate the support of donors giving us the opportunity to provide educational presentations and events in an effort to positively impact the community by influencing individuals to make healthier lifestyle and environmentally conscious choices.