Who should attend?

Everyone who is interested in making informed decisions about their health and the environment.  You will leave with products, education, and motivation to feel and live healthier and how you can live more efficient and make a difference with regards to the environment.

Do I have to pay to go to this event?

This is a free event open to public for a limited time. To receive a free ticket registration on our site is required.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry.  Pets are not allowed at this event.

Are there activities for children?

Yes.  There are many things that children and those young at heart can participate in.

Is parking free?

YES!   Parking Is free for everyone. The parking lot for Symphony Park is available in Southpark off the entrance by Barclay Downs drive and Carnagie Blvd.  Show your green support at the Fresh Expo!  Ride a bike to the Fresh Expo or show a valid public transit receipt and get a door prize ticket.

Can I ride my bike to the festival?

Yes.  There will be a fenced off bike parking lot for all bicycle riders.  Just make sure to pick up your bicycle before the event is over.

What if I want to take the bus?

Show your ride receipt if you take public transportation and receive a door prize ticket. Plan you trip to Symphony park with CATS.

Are you looking for volunteers? What is the age limit?

Yes.  Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

What should I do if interested in speaking, exhibiting or becoming a sponsor for the event?

Please fill out the appropriate areas on our site and you will be contacted by a Fresh Expo team member.

Can I re-enter the show after I have left?

Yes.  You will receive an re- entry band.

How are you supporting the green effort?

The Fresh Expo is not only committed to showcasing what is healthy and Green but also looks to minimizing its environmental impact by being healthy and green. From selecting vendors and exhibitors committed to sustainability and health to evaluating our show activities, we have taken measures to minimize our carbon footprint.

I Love Juice Bar
Lenny Boy
Hap Mountain Herbal